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Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 25 Vallenar

Aug 31, 1015

So, I’m gonna have to make this one quick. We have lunch in about 20min. So this week was just alright. The reason it wasn’t an absolutely amazing one is because a lot of our super important appointments fell through. Our lesson with the new family we found fell as well as the appointment with Jonathan. We taught a few other people this week and actually found a couple new investigators. One of them we met and the first thing she said to us is "I like the missionaries and will always invite them in, but I will never go to your church." We then went back to her house to invite her to an activity and she said she wanted to go but she had to babysit her nephew. We taught her about eternal families and the plan of salvation. She is kinda crazy. Every time we greet her she shakes our hand and then moves her hand into the bro handshake and pulls us in for the "kiss". Its super scary haha. She is like 40 haha. We haven’t told her that we cant do that yet. If I counted how many woman I have had to kiss here you guys would be shocked hahaha. They are always old women hahaha! Anyway, like I said, we had an activity this week and it was a night of postres or treats. Everyone made some sort of treat and brought it to the activity. We brought Ingrid and her family and she loved it! We also did Karaoke! I kept teasing Ingrid to go sing and she was like NO! Then she did it! I couldn’t believe it because she is kind of shy. Her kids are super cool as well. She told us she was going to go to church but never came. We had a lesson with her before and she was telling us how she thought she received her response to her prayers and that this wasn’t the church for her. We thought it was over but now I think there is still hope. We will have to see what happens. I’m not gonna be able to send photos this week but next week! Anyway, guys... that about wraps up this week. Wish us luck! Pray for us so that we can baptize in this transfer! I love you all and take care! 

Elder Spanbauer

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