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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 42 Antofagasta

Dec 25, 2015

Today our family got to Skype Elder Parker Spanbauer for Christmas for about 1 hour. It was great seeing his smile and hearing his laugh again. He looked great and said he loves the mission and Chile. He is working in the office with 7 other missionaries and said it’s hard work and long days with a little stress, but it also has its perks. He gets to travel with the mission president around the whole mission and will soon be driving the mission vehicle. He said his apartment is great with a view of the ocean. He lives with 7 other office missionaries including the assistants to the president. He has added many foods to his diet including lamb, heart, and stomach. He is still not a fan of mayo, but he is eating potatoes now! (It’s about time for an Idaho boy!!!) We loved seeing him and are very proud of what he is doing. His testimony has grown and his love for the gospel has never been stronger. He loves the people that he is serving and county of Chile where the Lord has asked him to labor. He said that his Spanish is pretty good now and that he understands about everything. He also asked that we wish everyone a Merry Christmas for him. It was definitely one of the highlights of our family’s Christmas this year!

Dec 26, 2015 (Email from Elder Spanbauer)

So I just skyped you all yesterday so I really don’t have much more to report. Instead, here are a few pictures of when we went to conferences in the north. Here are some pictures of Javier and me. (The one that was just baptized).

Skype Call with Elder Parker Spanbauer and Family on Christmas Day 2015

 Surprise visit to see Javier during northern conference

Weird statues in the middle of the desert. The office crew baby hahaha

Ancient Shoe from 1890. Found it on a battleground

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