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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 2 Santiago MTC

March 23, 2015

Hey guys! This week has been amazing! Its been super busy but fun at the same time. I have had some pretty rough days here and there where I feel like I'm not progressing and I've had days where I think I'm practically Chilean hahaha. My Spanish is improving a lot.... I am so grateful for the gift of tongues. My teachers are amazing. They all speak English and Spanish so it has been extremely helpful to me in learning this language. They hardly ever use English so it forces us to speak in Spanish. My companion and i love each other! (not in a weird way). We truly are brothers from different mothers haha. I have never met someone so much like me! Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my Latino friends. Elder Cárdenas was my favorite! They all left for their missions this morning so that was hard. As of right now, we are the only district in the entire MTC until tomorrow. That's right, there is only 8 of us in the entire MTC so its kind of lonely. Tomorrow we get a ton of new North Americans and a bunch more Latinos!!! I'm super exited for that. There are a couple guys from Arizona coming and a couple from like Colorado and Utah but none from Idaho. oh well! We have been practicing teaching investigators (our teachers acting to be investigators) everyday and it has been very frustrating. Its so frustrating to not understand someone that is speaking right to your face and you have no idea how to respond. However, yesterday Elder Taylor and I had to teach twice and both lessons went great!!! I understood about 85 percent of what the investigators were saying. I truly love the MTC and everyone here. My district is amazing! My Companion and teachers are amazing as well.

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