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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Week 6 Vallenar

April 23, 2015

Hey guys, sorry I haven't emailed lately. I have been super busy. I was traveling to Antofagasta where I met my mission president and his wife. I stayed there for a night with some other elders and the following day was a initiatory day. We met all of the trainers and we were assigned our new companions. I was assigned to Elder Leon. He is from Ecuador and speaks no English.... but its okay. I think i will learn faster that way. Also, my first area is Vallenar. I am currently here serving. Today is my first real day in the field. My apartment is not super nice or anything but I'm happy with it. I will send pics next week. This town is a very poor town and all of the houses are very run down. There are more dogs than people and its kinda hot during the days and super cold at night. Over all, I love this place and my companion. The language is stressful but I just have to remind myself it will come with time. I love you all so much!!! Until next week!!!

Elder Spanbauer

Hey, I have like ten minutes to write really fast so I'll explain everything next week. The spits went great. one woman broke down in tears and that hit me pretty hard. We won against the Latinos in the game hahaha but they claim we cheated hahahah. The Spanish is still bad haha but I try not to let it get me down. My trainer only speaks Spanish so I have no choice at this point. I flew to Antofagasta and then took a 10 hour bus ride south to Vallenar. So far, I like it here. Our apartment is pretty ghetto haha but I kinda like it. This city is going to humble me if it hasn't already. I will go into more detail next week! Love you!

Elder Spanbauer

Getting My Assigned Area to Vallenar

My Trainer Elder Leon From Ecuador

Elder Leon (Trainer) and Me

Elder Mangum (AP to President Dalton and BYU QB)
Yeah This is Happening... Look Out Chile!

Elder Oribe (AP) Handing Out Assignments

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