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Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 10 Vallenar

May 18, 2015

So this week was pretty eventful haha. We have had so many service projects this week in downtown Vallenar. I love doing service because its a break from walking allllll day and everyday. The service we did was boxing a bunch of food and necessities like toilet paper, dish soap, and just a ton of stuff like that. I also get to see everyone in the zone at the service projects so that’s fun. This week was awesome because I was able to communicate with my companion really well. I don’t know why, but my Spanish like improved over night. I’m not saying my Spanish is amazing but I can voice just about anything I need to say through actions or examples. I know the lord is helping me with the language. So we visited this elderly woman and I went in to give her a handshake and she grabbed me and KISSED me!!! (On the cheek) YUCK! HAHA. Its normal to greet people like that here but I was not prepared for that. Also, when we left her house, we were walking on the sidewalk and out of nowhere; a dog came up behind me and bit me!!! That’s right..... It BIT ME!!! En serio??? It ripped a hole in my pants haha. So that was an eventful night. This week my companion hasn’t been helping me plan at all. He wants me to learn how so that is stressful at times. So far I have done a pretty good job with it. We haven’t had the chance to teach the lady that I talked about last time because of all of the service projects. We visited a lot of less active members this week and most of them don’t even live where it says. We taught a homeless man in the street. Also, this week I was supposed to teach priesthood at church!!! I prepared a lesson and everything and I was ready to go and when we got there, they were like ´´Today Elder Spanbauer is going to teach us about chapter 10 in this book...´´ (I don’t remember the name of the book) I was like..... uhhhh..... I had no idea I was supposed to teach out of that book haha so I didn’t teach. Pucha! (darn) We also delivered the sacrament to a sweet little old woman. She was so grateful. Simple things like that are awesome experiences. I’m starting to be a little more involved in things like conversations at the door, lessons...etc. Anyway, that about sums up this week! Until next week everybody!!! Chao!

So not much new on our investigators. We had a lot of service projects this week so not a whole lot of time to teach. I believe the son of the woman who lost her husband is in prison. We haven’t taught her since the last time. Because there is no man living in her house, we have to have a member from the church come with us each time to teach her. As missionaries, we can’t be in a room alone with a woman. It’s a mission rule. Also, the picture of the spider that I had is gone along with all my other photos... but its okay, I’m sure there will be other spider’s hahahaha. I haven’t got the package!!! This sucks.... anyway, sounds like things are pretty okay at home. I hope mom feels better. Anyway, I love you all! Tell mom I love her and the girls. I gotta run.

Elder Spanbauer

Railroad Tracks Behind our House

Vallenar at Dawn

Breakfast of Champions!!!

Our Pension (House)

Our Backyard

Elder Leon Cleaning up

Our House is the Green One

Some people live like this, it's so sad. No roof over their heads

Random Graffiti Art

Downtown Vallenar

Vallenar at Dusk

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