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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 9 Vallenar

May 12, 2015

Hey Family and Friends!!! I know I had the opportunity to Skype you guys this week and not much has changed since but there was a couple of things I forgot to say. So yesterday, a future investigator that we had been passing by her house for like 2 weeks straight was finally home! Her name is Maria. She is a single mom right now. Her son actually killed her husband. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.... its so sad. I know this gospel can help her and I can’t wait to teach her tomorrow! She seemed really receptive to our message! I really hope we can help her. Also, you know how I was told there isn’t any ´´creepy crawlers´´ here in Chile. THAT WAS A LIE!!! haha yesterday we found a HUGE spider in our house..... (ill send a pic) I don’t know how I am going to sleep! also, this week we did a ton of service projects for the church. That was fun because we got to play a lot of volleyball in-between truckloads. President Dalton and his wife visited Vallenar this week!! We had a conference with him and all the members here in Vallenar! Also, yesterday he interviewed everyone. He told me something that really touched me. He said... only through perfect obedience comes miracles. He told me that if I am following every single mission rule and commandment perfectly, only then I can honestly pray to my heavenly father and say that I have done all that I can. This was super powerful for me because I have been struggling with the language. If I am perfectly obedient, I know god will help me. So I know you guys think my Spanish is pretty good but that’s not true haha. I am definitely better than I was two months ago and I know I only have 2 weeks in the field. I have to keep reminding myself that. I know enough Spanish to get by right now. Let me tell you, having a Latino companion is such a blessing. I have learned more Spanish in these two weeks than in my 2 years of high school and mtc combined!!! The gift of tongues is real my friends. Today we are having a BBQ with some of the other elders and I think we are gonna play some sports! I can’t wait. Anyway, until next week!!! 

Also, I didn't get your package mom. I think I get it Wednesday from my district leaders. elder Leon is easy to live with. He is not really serious all the time, just when we study and teach. He is a good guy. Anyway, I gotta wrap things up. I love you guys so much and it was so awesome i got to talk to you guys via Skype!!! I honestly don't know what to do as far as pictures, my camera is saying it cant read any of the cards that I put in it now. I'll mess with it a little and let you guys know. 

Elder Spanbauer

Mother's Day Skype Call

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