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Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 13 Vallenar

June 8, 2015

Hola Familia y Amigos! Esta Semana fue muy rapido! No puedo creer que hoy es Lunes! Honestamente, no paso mucho esta semana. No pudimos enseñar a Nicanor ni a Julio y Tamara (Familia del niño que morrió) Okay, I’m exhausted... no more español haha. This week has been really cold. I know, weird right? You would think that the driest desert in the world would always be hot but it’s freezing in the mornings and at night. This week we didn’t get to teach much to our investigators because all of them were busy. Yesterday however was pretty cool. We went to church which is always fun and after church we took the sacrament to hermana Nora and she was soooo grateful. She is the sweetest old lady ever haha. After that we ate lunch (Almuerzo) con la Familia Alcayaga. I was looking forward to this because we always eat good with them. Not only that, we ate with the other missionaries from the other sector. It was a fiesta! We ate chicken with rice, another random hot dog and this stuff called ´´pebre´´. It’s basically equivalent to salsa en los Estados Unidos. It is like my favorite thing here so I put together a plan to take it home with us. I asked the family if I could buy it from them and they kind of took it like I was joking and then I said ´´pero, en serio´´ and then things got real. She told me that I could have whatever is left over after lunch! My plan was a success! We also ate with a different family during the week and they are from Columbia. They invited us over to have hamburgers! I was so excited to have American food! Honestly, the hamburgers weren’t amazing but I was so grateful! Guess what, I put avocado on it and tomato’s and lettuce, onions, and a tiny bit of mayo! Take that Family! haha. Oh that reminds me, One day we ate with the mamita and she served us a mountain of mashed potatos with a tiny bit of meat on top. I thought I was going to die. I literally had to pray to finish that meal. I promise that our prayers are answered because I did it!!! Wahoooo!!!! Anyway, with all jokes aside, yesterday we talked to many people and have some new people we can teach. We also had a lesson with a family in the rama (ward) and I lead the lesson! We talked about ´´La Fe´´ and when I said we were going to talk about faith they all kind of looked at us weird like... we already know what faith is. After that, we taught them what faith really is and we totally caught them off guard. The spirit was so strong and for the lack of how to put this... it was like a spiritual smack in the face! It was awesome and there was a less active member present in the room too so that was cool! Anyway, that was my week. Love you guys! Until next week!

Elder Spanbauer 

Otras Cosas:

So Elder Wallace’s eyes are fake. he was wearing contacts. I didn’t say anything about it because I wanted to see what you guys would say hahaha.

Spanish update: I’m understanding a lot more and imp starting to be more involved in lessons. There are some people that I simply don’t understand though haha.

Package: I get my package for sure tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Investigators: Unfortunately we didn’t get to teach Nicanor or really anyone this week so we are going to push back his baptismal date. We don’t know when yet. We meet with Maria Araya today. She is the woman that lost her husband because her son killed him. The family that lost their child is doing better. They are looking for a different house right now because they don’t want to live in their current house. too many memories. We are trying to be patient with them and I think me might meet with them tonight.

Anyway, I Love you all! Have fun camping and stay out of Trouble!

Elder Spanbauer

Overlooking The City of Vallenar

Nephi!!! I will go and do the things that the lord has commanded!

We thought this statue looked like Nephi

Pebre (it's like Salsa)

Snack Food

Random Street in Vallenar

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