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Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 16 Vallenar

June 29, 2015

Hello everybody!!! So this week I have like no time to write you guys so I gotta make this quick. So this week was super awesome in many ways. We found 3 new investigators and all 3 of them are starting to progress. We first went to the house of Gloria and José. They were in the area book and it said they were super receptive to the gospel so we payed them a visit. They gladly let us in and we watched the video "Gracias que El vive" and if you guys haven’t seen it, WATCH IT. We then talked about Jesus Christ and how important the "Expiación" is. Then we taught a woman named Doris Cordoba about the restoration and she is super receptive and I have a feeling that she is going to be baptized. We have been teaching a guy named Jonathan Simon and he has conversed with missionaries for a long time and he loves the gospel, has a testimony of the book of Mormon, and knows that José was a prophet. He is super hard to teach however because he is a strong believer in Aliens and weird stuff like that. Anyway, we had a lesson with him and we had a member with us and it went super good! We then invited him to church for the following day. He said yes! He had a bad experience in the past at the church but then I promised him that if he came, he would have a good experience. So Sunday came around and he Showed up!!! I sat by him during sacrament and he ended up staying for the full 3 hours. It was super cool. Also, a less active member we have been teaching finally came back to church! The weirdest thing happened this week! After church, we returned to the house of Gloria and José and she invited us in like normal and we began to teach. We opened with prayer and a hymn which was kinda weird but kinda cool tambien! After that we began teaching and José walked in drunk as can be and started spilling out his heart to us. He was crying one minute about how he’s a good man and he doesn’t deserve to live like he does and then he started yelling at Gloria saying she does absolutely nothing... it was intense. We told them that we would come back a different day to teach and he kept going on and on.... Anyway, after much talk, we finally said a closing prayer. We kneeled for this one and elder Leon offered it. Towards the end of the prayer, Gloria passed out and hit the floor. Her head hit my leg right when elder Leon had ended the prayer. We thought she had died in the middle of the prayer. She laid on the floor motionless and we had no idea what to do.... I said a prayer in my head and about 2 minutes after it had all happened, she woke up. It was soooo weird, every muscle in her body tightened up and she was basically dead for a solid 2 minutes and then woke up. After it was all said and done, we helped her up and he told us that it’s normal for her to do that. She has a rare sickness or something and every once in a while it happens. We literally thought we killed her...... It was super scary. Then, after that we had to give a blessing to a 2 year old girl that has been seeing things in her house. So yeah, that about sums up my week.... I gotta go now but I love you all! Until next week!

Elder Spanbauer 

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