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Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 17 Vallenar

July 6, 2015

 So, this week was pretty good and honestly passed by in a blink of an eye!!! We taught several people including Jonathan. So Jonathan is basically ready for baptism but needs to except that President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of god. He has problems trusting in people. He tells us that he only follows god and no one else. He has prayed about the book of Mormon and knows it’s the word of god. He knows joseph smith was a prophet and knows he translated the book of Mormon. He is what you would call "Orgulloso" I honestly don’t remember the word for that in English so you guys will have to look it up haha. He is super awesome and I think he will be baptized eventually because he showed up to church again! He definitely has the desire to follow Jesus Christ. We will see what happens there. Other than that, we just taught a couple of other people some basic doctrine. The work is really slow here in Vallenar. We have a lot of people that will listen to us but don’t put in the work to know for themselves. That makes things super hard. Today we went to Huasco. It’s a little town off the coast of Chile. There was a huge street fair there today so we all took a bus to check it out. It was sooo cool! It was just streets and more streets of people selling things. Also, super cheap! I imagine it’s kinda like china but with less people and less "ching chong hoing hong" hahaha. Today was super cool. I had to eat mashed potatoes again this week but I had a cold so I didn’t taste anything so it’s all good hahaha. If you guys saw the things I have eaten, you would think I was a totally different person hahahaha. This week we plan to contact random people more and invite some of our investigators to baptism. There is a good chance that next week I could receive a different companion so we will see. Elder Leon has been the best Papito ever! Ill be sad if he leaves but I’m also ready for a change. The mission can be extremely repetitive with the same companion for three months. But if Elder Leon leaves, I have to lead my sector alone for like 2 weeks because my new companion isn’t going to know anyone or anything. I also finish my training this Week!! I will officially be a real missionary! haha anyway, I want to have time to send some pictures so until next week!! Love you all!

Oh, I forgot to say that I got my package last Tuesday when we had our zone conference with president Dalton! I’m so glad I have sweats now! Also, the candy and jerky was a nice surprise. Thanks for the music and camera card! Also, I love the pillowcase! I thought that letter I wrote from when I was in high school was cool cuz it foreshadowed my life! Thank you guys sooo much for everything. Also, we went to the fair today and I bought a couple of things so I might pull a little money out of my other account if I need it later in the month. For right now I’m fine. Anyway, thank you guys soooo much!!! Love you all!

Elder Spanbauer

Elder Leon decided to look under his bed to try and fix it and found a surprise hahaha. His bed was being held up by a couple pieces of wood! We scavenged for wood but couldn’t find any so we used an old window! hahahaha Bien venido a la Misión!


So I took this photo right after Chile won La Copa America!!! haha and my companion was being a butt haha. We didn’t get to watch it but our neighbors were watching it next door in their patio so we heard the whole thing haha. That night was nuts! Cars would drive by honking until about 1 o’clock in the morning haha. It was a good night haha.

Copa America Champions

Last P-Day at the Beach

BBQ at the Beach

Today in Huasco




At the Beach

Street Fair

Street Fair

Street Fair

Ghetto Bed

Loco Companion

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