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Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 28 Vallenar

Sept 21, 2015

Hello everyone!!! So first off, YES, There was a big earthquake here and YES, I did feel it. The crazy part was that it wasn’t very close to us but it was still pretty strong. It lasted for at least a solid minute, which was very odd. I was in my bed and so was my companion and then we heard a loud noise. We knew it was just another earthquake but then it got stronger and the bed started moving like crazy! I jumped off the top bunk and Elder Malan yelled "Yup, time to go!" haha. We stood outside and the earth continued to shake. It was soooo cool. I barely made it out alive.... It was close hahaha. Its super sad that some people died from it though. Its because a lot of Chileans live in houses made of mud and hay. These houses don’t stand a chance against earthquakes. 

So as you guys know, or maybe you didn’t, this week was a pretty big week here in Chile. The 18th of Septiembre is basically one of the biggest days of the year. The best part was that we did absolutely nothing! You see, my companion Elder Malan decided to get super sick so we missed the 16-20. He got some sort of stomach virus and it got so bad to the point that we almost took him to the hospital. IT WAS BAD. I basically spent a week in the pension taking care of my companion and doing well... nothing. It was probably one of the most boring weeks ever. Sorry to break it to you guys. Also, as far as baptizing this cambio... I’m not sure its gonna happen this cambio because we have no one with enough church attendance to get baptized. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop working hard though! I can still do a lot of good here and I intend on finding more future investigators and families before the lord puts me somewhere else. Also, it is possible that I could stay another cambio so we will see. Anyway, not much else to report this week. I’m gonna send some pictures of the one activity we did get to participate in. Love you all! Until next week!

Elder Malan & Me

Costumes for our Church Activity

Decorating the Church

Church Activity

Boy that kinda looks like a little Braden Weems

Food at the Activity

Just hanging out in the shade

Street Market

Booth we set up in the market to share the gospel & treats

Overlooking Vallenar


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