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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 30 Arica

Oct 6, 2015

So.... Yes, I got transferred to..... (Drum role).... Arica! My sector is called "Las Acacias" Elder Austin Francis is my new companion and he is from Utah. I still don’t know him super well considering we met like 2 hours ago so there’s that haha. So for those of you who don’t know, Arica and Vallenar are the two limits of the mission. I basically went from the southernmost part of the mission to the northernmost part. It was a 24-hour bus ride and it was TERRIBLE. I didn’t sleep and they didn’t give us food so I basically starved to death. Elder Hunter was with me the entire trip and he was my district leader in Vallenar and will be my district leader here in Arica. There is like no green here which is a huge change but the weather seems all right. It’s kinda cloudy today. I was super hard saying goodbye to all of the people and Elders in my first sector but the lord needs me here in Arica. I’m excited to start the work here and just a funny thing... Elder Muir (my MTC companion) was here right before I got here which was funny because he wants so badly to be companions again. Maybe in the future. This email is going to be short because I gotta unpack and meet the mamita here. I have not received my package and probably wont for another two or three weeks. All is well here and I love you all! 

Elder Spanbauer

Transferred to Arica Chile with Elder Austin Francis from Utah

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