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Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 35 Arica

Nov 9, 2015

Hey guys, this one is going to be fast because we are going to go to Arica Centro with some members of the ward. So this week was pretty good. We have had a ton of "with member" lessons. We had 10! We have been working with the young men of the ward to help prepare them for the mission. We have been teaching the Familia Julca and they are still just waiting for the government to go out of strike. Right now no one can get married because the government is in strike. We have also been teaching some other families that just need to get to church in order to be baptized. That’s the main problem for right now so if you guys could pray for our investigators so that they can have the desire to go to church? Things have been really good here and we have had some pretty powerful lessons. We finally have a ward mission leader to help us so things are going to start changing. Last night we had an awesome family home evening with the familia julca and their nephew. The nephews name is Giovani and he is 21. We have been teaching him and we actually have a lesson with him tonight. I really think he will get baptized and if he does, we can baptize the little girls with him and then the parents when they get married. If the little girls get baptized it could help the parents stay motivated to get baptized. So that’s where we are at right now. Really there isn’t much else that happened this week. It has been hot here and is supposed to get even hotter. Arica is a beautiful city and I love the ward. Sorry this one is so short but I’m running short on time this week. I probably wont be sending pictures till next week but I love you all and take care!!! 

Elder Spanbauer

Heading for Arica and saying goodbye to Elder Malan and friends

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