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Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 37 Arica

Nov 23, 2015

So first off, this week has been very good. We had several lessons with many new people. I have learned that in order to get into a Chileans house, you have to be very direct. You cant just small talk your way into their house... you must ask straight up if you can enter and share a quick message with them hahaha. We did that with some people and it worked! We have been teaching with several young men in the ward to help them get missionary experience. It’s really fun to be on the other side teaching the young men. It feels just like yesterday I was in mission prep and now I’m the missionary! We have met several awesome people and I’m planning on baptizing this cambio. I would like you guys to pray for the Familia Julca so that they can get married in time to be baptized this cambio. Also, yes I’m still with Elder Francis. Lets see.... oh! We saw Elder Cook in Antofagasta! So long story... first off, we left Friday night to arrive Saturday morning. It was a 12-hour bus ride. Our bus was literally filled with just missionaries haha. About 2 hours into the trip the bus stopped and the power shut off. Then one of the workers told us the engine overheated. We had to wait for an hour for a mechanic to come and fix it and he wasn’t able to do so. Then we ended up changing to another bus. We arrived to Iquique and they kicked us off the bus because there were people they’re waiting to board that bus. Then we had to wait in Iquique for another bus to come and it was about 3am in the morning. Finally a bus arrived but the guy would not let us on this bus. The zone leaders were fighting with him telling him how important it was that we made it to Antofagasta on time and the guy basically said that if any of us set foot on the bus, he would call the cops. After several minutes of arguing with the guy, he allowed us to get on. There were only enough seats for about half of us though. The people that were going to be participating in the choir were able to go and a few other people that the zone leaders picked. By luck, they picked Elder Francis and I so we got to go. The bus arrived to Antofagasta at 9:45am and the conference started at 10:00am. We all took a taxi to the stake center and arrived at about 10:05am. We only missed the opening prayer. What a miracle! The conference was amazing! Elder Cook mostly talked about how we need to open our mouths and talk with everyone. He said that if we invite, we will have success. His testimony was very short and powerful. He said "I’m going to share my simple testimony without using too much detail, I know the saviors voice and face" I was like..... WHAT?!!! Imagine seeing the savior face to face! That line struck me soooo hard. It was amazing conference and after I had the chance to see Elder Malan and also Elder Muir from the MTC. I didn’t see Elder Leon though:( We then took the 12-hour bus ride back to Arica and arrived at about 4:30 in the morning. We then had to go to church at 9:00 and work like normal after. I’m sooo tired. Welcome to mission life. Well, that about concludes this update. I love you all and until next week! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Elder Spanbauer

Talons are locked and loaded. Ka Ka

Things we do for entertainment as missionaries

I believe I can Fly!

Elder Frances

Elder Muir & Me at the Mission Conference in Antofagasta

Elder Muir

Bad Week for Cats! We saw several dead cats this week.

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