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Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 45 Antofagasta

Jan 16, 2015

Hey Everyone! So this week was pretty awesome. We had several new lessons and Alcires is preparing to get baptized. We might push his baptism back by a week so he has more time to get to know the young men in the ward. He is truly awesome and decided to leave behind drinking and everything! Its amazing to see the lord work within people. Also, you guys will never believe who I ran into! The dad of Camille´s husband! hahaha I took a picture with him and I think he posted it on Facebook. Small word I guess haha. The office work has been long and stressful but now I understand how precious our time in the field is. I guess that saying where one doesn't gain an appreciation for something until he has lost it is true. Sometimes I wish I could just work all day in my sector to find, teach and baptize but I know the lord needs me here right now. Besides, the office isn't all that bad. In fact, I really enjoy it! My companion is awesome as well as the other office elders. We are going to be getting transfers here in about a week so I am going to be super busy planning all of the buses to get the elders and sisters to their new sectors. I have come to realize that I like working under stress. In fact, I work better under stress. I have learned several things in the office. One of which being organization. It is extremely important to be organized in the office and I know this will help me in the post mission life. Things here in Antofagasta are going well. It is extremely hot and dry but we at least have air conditioning in the office! Every Pday we usually go to the mall to eat and look around. They have KFC, Pizza hut, McDonalds, TGI Fridays, and Subway. I feel right at home haha. We also play a lot of ping pong. I have gotten extremely good. I hope everything is going good at home. Love you all and until next week!

Elder Spanbauer

Few Pics!

Small World!!! I Met Bro. Zapata (Camille Lazelle's father-in-law) in Antofagasta

Eating at Gasby All you can eat (Elders Maki, Morales, and Spanbauer)

Elder Morales's first Dr. Pepper

Dropping Elder Malan off in the Airport (Comp from Vallenar)

(Front to Back) Elder Morales, Spanbauer, Gonzalez, and Walker

Elder Morales

Elder Gonzalez

Random Guy That Wanted a Picture With Me!

Elder Morales

Elder Gonzalez

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