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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Week 49 Antofagasta

Feb 13, 2016

My week was good but I’m just glad its over. This last week I was extremely busy with the transfers. I had to buy every bus pass and coordinate everything with the lunches for the new missionaries. I thought it was funny because when we meet the new missionaries, Hermana Dalton always introduces us and says that Elder Walker is the Financer, Elder Morales is the Office secretary of visas and travel and I’m the "Everything guy" haha she says basically whatever they don’t do... I do. It’s kinda true though haha I don’t really have a specific job title.... If someone has a question about anything besides finances or visas, they call me. Everything went good with the transfers and now I can finally relax and focus on my missionary purpose that is "Teach repentance and baptize converts"! Oh and I can officially drive now! President signed my papers! Being in the office is extremely stressful but I love it. I have come to love my companions and the assistants and we are going to tear it up here. Right now we are in a Trio. Elder Walker joined the companionship and so now we always do divisions with members accomplishing twice the work. I TRIED SUSHI!!! I did a contact in a new sushi place that opened buy our apartment and I felt bad not buying anything so I did and I must say... not bad! Also, I was informed that two investigators we were teaching in Arica just got baptized! They were the two daughters of la familia Julca. Now the parents are just waiting to get married and they will be baptized as well! I love hearing about old investigators getting baptized. Many times we don’t get to see the fruits of our labors but doesn't mean our efforts have gone in vane. That is something I have learned here in the mission. We had a very spiritual lesson with a new investigator we met named Mikol. We were doing divisions with members and we taught him the restoration. I felt piercing warm feeling as Elder Walker shared the 1st vision with him. I know that he felt it and I cannot deny what I felt in that lesson. I truly feel that as helping others progress spiritually, we are spiritually converted ourselves. Our church attendance has gone up buy about 20 people since when I got here and this is the time that everyone is usually out of time on vacation. Our ward, AntoCentro is amazing because there are so many members who are willing to help us in the work. Elder Gonzalez... the previous financer just went home because he had hernias in his back. Elder Walker is his replacement and for the first time in a while... there is only three of us in the office. It’s going to be tough but we can do it. Anyway, that’s the update here. Love you all and until next week!

Below are some photos we took in TGI FRIDAYS because it was Elder Gonzalez´s last PDay with us.

Elder Spanbauer

TGI FRIDAYS With Elder Gonzalez on His Last PDay


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