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Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 64 Calama

May 30, 2019

Hey guys...

Alright, so this week was a good week. We have an investigator named Michael that has several problems with the word of wisdom but we managed to teach it again to him and he accepted it. We also went over the baptismal questions with him and he committed to go to church this Sunday. Yesterday he did not come and this is the 3rd time he has told us that he would. It is so hard to get Chileans to do stuff hahaha. We also managed to have a lesson with Felipe (11 year old boy) and his mother to ask permission to baptize him and she said no. She says, "I’m catholic and I’ll die catholic". That was a little frustrating because Felipe reads everyday and wants to get baptized but his mother says he can’t because he is too young and doesn’t know enough yet. Anyway, enough with the bad news. We had a day this week where we found like 4 new investigators in just 3 hours of work! We have some potential investigators as well. Again... the only difficulty is getting people to commit to something. This week I did an exchange with the Zone Leaders and it was awesome. I got to be with a Brazilian! He is super funny haha. I also learned a lot from him. I had my 2nd district meeting as well and it went really well. Tomorrow I have another district meeting and I plan on doing an exchange with the Elders in my district. I have been enjoying my time with Elder Bravo because he is a very good teacher and I think I’m helping him to be a little less shy. This week we did an activity where we visited less actives and gave blessings of comfort. It was really cool because I got to give a blessing to a little 7-year-old girl with autism. After we blessed her mom she started crying because she wanted a blessing too but her mom said no. She said blessings are only for grown ups and we told her that we can give her a blessing and so we did. She was so content afterward haha. Also, yesterday in church the relief society and priesthood had a class together and basically bishop put a chair in the middle of the room and asked if there was anyone sick. Several people raised their hands and we basically just gave blessings to people for the last hour of church. I was called on to give a blessing to one of the women there and I was really nervous. I have given many blessings but never in front of a crowd like that... Also, we found a new investigator that is Jewish! He is very smart and knows the bible front to back but likes the "Mormon" church a lot. He struggles with believing that the book of Mormon is the word of god. We have been trying to help him with his doubts and he is a really good investigator. In fact, he went to church yesterday! Anyway, today we are going to go to Chuquicamata, which is one of the biggest mines in the world if not the biggest. If I have time today I will send pictures. Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Spanbauer

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