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Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 101 Copiapo

Feb 13, 2017

Overall... this was a pretty good week. We have been able to work with a few of the young men here in the ward. The family from Argentina didn’t go to church so they have kind of stopped progressing :( We are going to keep insisting though. We didn’t have anybody at church on Sunday... It was a real let down because so many said they would go. Sometimes it gets really old when people don’t keep their word. One of our investigators named Heidy lied to us and told us she was in Antofagasta and said that was why she couldn’t go to church but we found out she was just lying. We are going to see if we can baptize this old lady that gets back from vacation today. We also have another investigator that wants to be baptized soon but he just has to go to church first. I’m getting along with my comp really well. He is pretty awesome. Like I kind of mentioned in my last letter... At this time of year in Copiapo everyone leaves on vacation and NOBODY is home. I do love this sector though... it is small but the members are really good with us. I honestly don’t have much more to report. Just working hard these last two weeks of the mish. I’m excited to see you all. Sorry this one is short but I seriously don’t know what else to write haha.

I would like to just say that I know this is the true church. The very thought of "What if I had not chosen to serve a mission" scares me. I feel that the mission has given me the tools to save my soul and help those around me in the same process. That is truly what it comes down to... saving souls. I am so grateful for all your support. See ya in

Elder Spanbauer

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