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Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 102 Copiapo

Feb 20, 2017

Hey everybody!!!

So... this week was a lot better than the last. We were able work more with the members and we found 14 new investigators! Some of them have to be married and others have to go to church in order to be baptized. Things are finally starting to pick up here in this sector. I’m not sure if I will be able to see much of the fruits of my labors here but maybe afterward. We have some investigators that just have to commit to baptism but they just don’t feel so sure yet. Our zone tried to reach the goal of 14 baptisms in a month and if we reached it, President was going to let us watch captain America civil war! Sadly, we only have 10 baptisms and only 2 set baptisms for next Saturday so we didn’t get to watch it:( Guess I have to wait another week ;P hahaha. We could possibly have a baptism this weekend but our investigator is out of town and we don’t know when she gets back... It is super crazy to think that everything is coming to an end. I’m sad and excited at the same time. It is the weirdest feeling. I got one week left to leave it all on the field baby! I would like to take a second and thank everyone that has supported me in this decision to serve a mission. I’m so glad I made it and stuck with it. I know that I have been blessed and that others too have been blessed because of it. I hope all young men and women decide to serve missions as well. There is absolutely no university or college in the world that can teach what a missionary learns in his/her mission. So JUST DO IT. I would like to also share my testimony since this will be my last time writing home. 

I would like to start by saying that I know that Jesus Christ is my redeemer. I know that my sins have been and will be forgiven as I believe on his name and accept him as my savior. One of the most important principles of the gospel is enduring to the end. When I was called to serve a mission as Jeffery Holland says: "It was forever”. not just two years but for as long as I live. As one is released as a missionary the true mission begins, a lifetime of devoted service to the lord and his church. God lives and because he lives, I live. The church is true. See you all in 😁

Elder Spanbauer

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