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Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 71 Calama

July 18, 2016

Hey everyone!!! Hay bautismo!!! haha we will be having a baptism the 30th of this month! He is an 11-year-old boy that wants to be baptized by his father. His dad is less active so we are reactivating him and baptizing his son at the same time! So we have been working a ton with the members here and we have been seeing many good results. The lame part is that most people are out of town around this time of year so it’s really hard to find people. We have a new investigator named Blanca from Peru. She is super awesome and we have taught here the restoration and the plan of salvation. She is really receptive and we plan on setting a baptismal date with her soon. The problem is that she is pregnant and might be moving to Peru soon. We have been teaching this Chinese guy named Ken Feng. He owns a Chinese food restaurant and gives us free food all the time hahaha. He is reading the book of Mormon in Chinese and is already in Jacob! If we can get him to get married, his (future wife) can get baptized and he would get baptized as well obviously. His (future wife.. Rosa) is an investigator of the sister missionaries in my ward so we are working together to help them get married and eventually baptized. I had the opportunity to do an intercambio with Elder Oakey, one of my zone leaders. It was awesome because I started the mission with him in Vallenar but we never had the opportunity to do one there. We taught several people and it’s always fun being with another gringo haha. So something crazy that happened this week!... I lost my camera..... and then I found it! I had my camera with me one day and it fell out of my bag while we were working. I realized towards the end of the day and I freaked out because I had a lot of photos on it that I hadn’t yet saved to my hardrive. We retraced our steps and had no luck. Before bed that night when I said my personal prayer... I prayed that It would show up somehow and literally as soon as we woke up, we received a call from an unknown number saying that they found my camera! Some guy found it and went through the photos and then posted one of them on Facebook asking if anyone knew me and a member from another ward saw it and long story short... we got the direction of the guy and we went to his house and I got it back! Prayer is a very powerful thing hahaha. Below are some photos I took this week. Enjoy! Love you all!

My buddy Ken Feng

Looking for a referral haha!!!

My Son turned 24!!! Celebrating with Bishop

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