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Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 72 Calama

July 25, 2016

Hey!!! I have to make this really fast because today we spent all day in San Pedro de Atacama. It is a very well-known city out in the middle of the desert. We left at 4am to get there by 6am and we just got back. This week was really good. We have had very good numbers and have been working a ton with members. There is a member named Fabian Lazo that leaves on his mission in like a week so he always leaves and works with us to get some practice. Rafael, (the 11-year-old boy that is getting baptized) passed his baptismal interview! Now we just have to organize the baptism and all that. The two sister missionaries in my district/ward left to Antofagasta because one of them has a really bad knee so we have not only been working in our sector... but their sector as well. We are trying to find new investigators because some of the investigators that we have don’t progress much. The Chinese man, Ken Feng... is progressing well! He is reading every day in the book of Mormon! He speaks a very broken Spanish but we can understand him. He is super funny hahaha. Anyway, I wish I could tell you more but we have to get back to the house and leave to go work. Here are some pictures! Love you all! 

Elder Spanbauer
Elder Oakey and Elder Childs and Me

Valle de la luna

Elder Oakey and Elder Childs reenacting the lion king hahaha


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