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Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 74 Calama

Aug 8, 2016

So I’m proud to say that this week was a lot better than the last. We were able to work more with the members and we set TWO baptismal dates! One with Ivàn Bustòn and the other with a guy named Juan Carlos Calpa. We had a pretty intense lesson with Ivàn and basically asked... Do you like going to church? Do you want to know these things are true? And he said yes.... so we said... GET BAPTIZED! hahaha obviously we didn’t say it like that but we said that we know he can get baptized the 3rd of Sept. if he truly works towards that goal. He accepted the date and went to church this Sunday! The ward is really starting to include him more and they invited him to a BBQ this coming week. Tonight we are also going to have a family home evening activity with him and a few members. It’s been a real challenge teaching him because of his condition but he is willing to try and change and he thinks it will be for the best. Juan Carlos Callpa is kind of a special case as well. He suffers from depression and his wife has been trying to get him baptized forever now... He is very hard headed and doesn’t like when people tell him what to do. The good news is that he has opened up more to us than he has with any other missionaries. We set his date for the 27th this month and I know he can be ready by then but he has to do his part. The sister missionaries finally got back from Antofagasta and so now we will be able to work more in our sector. I love Calama and the ward here is soooo awesome. The bishop is like my best friend and his son in law is probably the funniest guy I have ever met! Things are going well with me and Elder Santos... sometimes we argue but that’s normal when one is training. If something is bothering us we just tell each other straight up and we fix it right away to avoid losing the spirit. Elder Santos is a very good teacher and he’s gonna be a great missionary. Today we are going to go bowling as a zone again! Anyway... Love you all! Hasta la próxima semana!

Elder Spanbauer

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