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Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 77 Calama

Aug 29, 2016
Hey everyone, so this week was great! We have been reaching our goals and have been seeing a lot of progress. This week we found 9 new investigators and had 9 lessons with members present. We have been tearing it up! We also had 5 new investigators go to church this Sunday! It is really hard to work with the ward sometimes but we just have to keep trying. It’s possible that they transfer me in about two weeks so we have been working extremely hard to get a baptism before the end of this transfer. Ivan Buston went to a baptism that Elder Childs had and he really liked it but he still isn’t sure if he wants to get baptized. He thinks it will be hard to leave some of his old habits behind. Of the new investigators we found this week... there is a family that is super ready to get baptized. We found them Saturday night and they went to church the next day! We were just walking and I said: "Let`s knock on this door" and so we did and that`s how we found them. Tonight we have an appointment planned with them and we are gonna set a baptismal date. The lame part is I might not be here to see them get baptized if I get transferred but oh well.... I am used to it hahaha. There is another family we found that is gonna get baptized as well. They just need to get married first. They both went to church as well with their two little kids. I have a feeling that there are gonna be a lot of baptisms in the month of Sept. I absolutely love Calama.... and I thought I was going to hate it. The weather is crazy because we freeze to death at night and it is super-hot during the day. I know this is a short letter but I’m just running out of things to say.... You can only say the mission is amazing so many times haha. I will attach some voice recordings! Love you all!

Elder Spanbauer

This was Elder Childs`s baptism and I got to interview these people!

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