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Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 79 Antofagasta

Sept 12, 2016

So this week has been really crazy. We had pretty good numbers and everything but the best part was Sunday. There is a family that we have been working with that FINALLY went to church! The father of the family (Vladimir) is from Brazil and his wife is Chilean and she is an inactive. It is a family of 6 and all of them went to church! They set a goal to get married on Oct. 15th and the dad will get baptized with his two sons on the 22nd of Oct. Hay Bautismo! Also, we have an investigator named Nelson and he too went to church. Him and his wife want to get married and baptized next month!!!! Hay Bautismo! haha. Our sector here in Calama is doing really well. The lame part of it all is that I got transferred... I have been called to serve in Antofagasta again in the "Origenes" ward. When the church started here in Antofagasta, Origenes was the first ward formed. I left this morning around 8am and arrived to Antofa at around 11am. This sector is really big and the city center is in my sector! Antofagasta is like a city built on a hill so my sector is straight up and down. There are some parts where it is really steep and difficult to climb up! I’m going to die hahaha. My new companion is Elder Moraga from Santiago Chile. His first name is Moroni!!! How cool is that??? He is super cool even though I have only known him for a day.... He plays soccer and likes to dance. He mostly just does traditional dances like "La Cueca" for example. I am super excited to meet all the members here. I am actually in the ward where Camille`s father-in-law goes! He is an area seventy! Today I met our mamita and papito (The members that cook for us) and they are soooo cool. I think I’m really going to like this ward. I will continue being district leader but now there are 10 in my district... My zone leaders, 6 sister missionaries, and an elderly couple of missionaries. It was sad saying goodbye to everyone in Calama. I got to know a lot of the members and I feel that leaving a sector is one of the hardest things for a missionary. I’m ready to work hard with Elder Moraga or how a Chilean would say... "Vamos a sacar la mugre!" Love you guys a ton and until next week! 

Elder Spanbauer

Family of our mamita that washed our clothes!

This is the Monte Àbalos family. The dad and two boys are going to get baptized next month!


These two are going to get married and baptized in December!

This is Nelson and his wife... They are planning to get married and baptized next month!

This is GianCarlo... One of my best friends haha

Bishop and Hermana Martinez

My new sector here in Antofagasta... hills and more hills...

Elder Moraga haha

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