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Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 81 Antofagasta

Sept 26, 2016

So.... Many things happened this week. I had my first district meeting here in Antofagasta and it was awesome! My district is huge! I basically have my own zone hahahaha. There are 12 of us and 14 if the zone leaders decide to go! Next week I will send a photo of our district. Elder Moraga and I set a goal to beat the mission´s record of lessons with members present. The record (was) 20 but we broke it! We worked with members every day and had 15 lessons with member at the end of Saturday. We were left with one more day to try and break it. Yesterday we had 6 lessons with member! That´s right... we had 21 lessons with member this week! The lame part is that there are two sister missionaries that had 26 :( But hey! We met our goal and that´s the important thing. It seriously came down to the wire haha. At 9:00pm Sunday night we only had 20 and we went to visit an inactive member and his wife which is not a member. We arrived and he let us in and everything but his wife was already in bed and didn’t want to participate!!!... we were like freaking out haha because she wouldn’t come participate with us leaving us with only 20. Then seemingly out of nowhere... his son shows up and joins the lesson! It was a miracle hahahaha!!! This week we also had interviews with President Ferreira. I really like how direct he is haha and I swear the man doesn’t blink hahaha he just sits there and stares into your soul.... hahaha but he is awesome. My interview was a very spiritual experience. Today we actually played soccer with President and his daughter! It was pretty cool haha. Anyway, sorry I gotta cut this short... we have to go eat with our mamita. Love you all and until next week!

Elder Spanbauer

Here is the photo on the mission blog

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