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Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 92 Antofagasta

Dec 12, 2016

So this week was pretty freaking awesome!!! We met all of our goals!!! We have 6 baptismal dates.... We had 18 lessons with members present and 6 investigators went to church! So first off, my new companion is a stud. He is very good at following up with people... like SUPER organized. He is from Lima, Peru and is a convert of about 2 years almost 3. Like I said, he is from my group so that gives me the feeling that I might leave before finishing my mission. I doubt that President will have us both end at the same time in the same sector.... but it could happen! So this week we found two new investigators. Maria (Old woman) and Wilder (Teenager). Maria can’t remember the things we teach her but she wants to be baptized hahaha SHE WENT TO CHURCH! Wilder is a young boy we found in the house of one of our investigators. HE ALSO WENT TO CHURCH! Yesterday we borrowed the bishop`s truck and went with another member to pick up all of our investigators to go to church. We took about 10 people to church and 6 of them can be baptized! It was super awesome! We might baptize Maria and Wilder this weekend but if not... probably the 24th of Dec. We are seeing a bunch of miracles at the top of this freaking mountain! hahaha it´s the promised land! Lincon worked with us one day and he loved it! How cool would it be if he decided to serve a mission?!!! Anyway, I gotta wrap this up but here is a picture of me and Kermit! I saw him yesterday and he took us home after church! He is doing super good and has a calling! 

Elder Spanbauer

Photo of Elder Vitella - My New Comp From Peru


La Zona Antofagasta!

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