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Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 84 Antofagasta

Oct 17, 2016

Hey everyone! This week was an eventful one. We started the week off with some recent converts in a family home evening and it was awesome! Elder Moraga and I weren’t totally sure on what we should share but when we got there I felt the strong impression to just have a testimony meeting with all of them and it was super awesome! Everyone felt the spirit and after everyone said it was what they needed. So that was a cool experience. Also I taught how to teach the restoration in less than 5 min. to my district and they have all had success with it! It was an awesome district meeting. Alejandro is doing well but still has many doubts and questions. We watched the restoration with him and he really liked it. He says he would like to see a baptismal service before participating in one so we are working on that. He went to church and enjoyed it a lot. Also, we have been working with the Talbots (Senior Missionaries) with a family that they found and all of them went to church yesterday! The father doesn’t believe too much but he is progressing a lot! Ricardo doesn’t want anything anymore... we passed by his house and he told us that he thought a lot about his baptism and doesn’t want to keep investigating. It´s amazing how fast the adversary works with people but we are going to give him some time and then pass by in the future. Julian is just waiting for his papers to arrive from Santiago so he can be a legal citizen of Chile and get married. Once he is married, he can get baptized. This week my whole district went over and worked in the sister’s sector to help them out and it was awesome! We found tons of new people to teach for them! I also interviewed a young boy named Sebastian. He is ten years old and will be getting baptized on the 29th of October in the Sister’s sector. Church was really good this week because we had 5 investigators present in sacrament meeting and the talks that were given were awesome! That is really the update for now... I got a little sick this week but it was just a cold so didn’t stop us from working or anything. Anyway, Love you all and until next week!!!!

Elder Spanbauer

Family Home Evening Activity! Giant stuffed Chicken

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