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Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 88 Antofagasta

Nov 14, 2016

Hey everybody! So I’m going to start off with the good news.... We baptized Alejandro!!! It was quite the experience because he is a very shy person hahaha. On Saturday morning we called him and told him he had to choose someone to baptized him and he didn’t know who. We explained that it could be the bishop or one of his counselors... or even my companion or I. He said he wanted me to baptized him! we met with him a couple hours before his baptism to make sure his baptismal clothes fit. He asked me like a million questions haha and you could tell he was super nervous but he kept telling me he was fine. When it was time to start the baptismal service, we changed into our white clothes and I let him use one of my shirts. IT WAS HUGE ON HIM!!! HAHAHA Alejandro is an interesting man... He wanted to do a very small baptismal service with like nobody there. He didn’t even invite his mom! He doesn’t like to be the center of attention. He only invited some of the sister missionaries from the other ward because they have been teaching him English classes. Somehow the word got out and more people showed up and he began to get nervous. The baptismal service started and he began to ask me who invited all the people that showed up. I told him I had no idea haha but we finally got to the moment of truth. I baptized him and everything went great. Luckily he didn’t lift his feet so I only had to baptized him once. It was kind of lame because he didn’t even want to take pictures but the sister missionaries talked him into it. He kind of reminds me of squidward from SpongeBob haha. HE HAS NO EMOTIONS! But he`s awesome! The following day in churched the bishop confirmed him and we accompanied him. It was the quite the adventure but he finally did it! He is an official member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. That was the highlight of the week. I will attach some photos of the baptism below. 

This week we also found several new investigators but almost all of them aren`t married... on top of that, the place where people go to get married his closed because everyone is on strike... Satan is the worst. It is really frustrating that no one respects the law of chastity these days. I don’t have too much more to report. Here are the photos and I will send the voice recordings of the week. Love you all and don’t be basic!

Before President Ferreira, our mission averaged only about 50 baptisms a month. This month we had 118!!!

Our zone tied for first place in most baptisms this week!

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