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Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 89 Antofagasta

Nov 21, 2016

Hey everybody! So this week I had the opportunity to interview 2 investigators from the sister missionary’s sector. I interviewed a woman named Maria and another woman named Ruth. Maria just has to get married and then she can be baptized which she is going to do soon and Ruth has to stop drinking Alcohol. We decided to do a fast with her so that she can be baptized this coming Saturday and stop drinking alcohol. The interview was a super spiritual experience for me because I felt the spirit working through me telling me what to say and when to say it. She went to church and fasted! This week we set 4 baptismal dates but one of them fell. We also found a new investigator named Lincon and he is from Colombia! We taught him lesson one and he excepted a baptismal date for the 3rd of December like right away! He lives at the very top of our sector in "Las Tomas". We have to climb the mountain to get to his house but it was worth it. He has definitely been prepared by the lord. This Sunday we borrowed the bishop`s truck and went with another member to pick him up to go to church. He was sleeping but his mom woke him up and he got ready right away! He loved the church and something funny is that the member who went with us to pick him up is named Abraham! Lincon`s first friend in the church is named Abraham hahahahaha coicedence? Also, Erika went to church with her son Bruno. She absolutely loves the church as well. She is going to get married soon and then baptized... I just know it! We are seeing tons of miracles here in this sector. We have several families progressing that just need to get married. Today we played soccer as a zone and after we went to subway to get a bite to eat because my companion had never eaten there. Tonight we have a family home evening activity with some members and less active members and they are going to show us how to make empanadas! I am totally going to open up an empanada shack when I get back:D Anyway guys, gotta wrap this up... Here are some pictures! Love you all! .... Oh and I gave myself a buzzcut;D

Elder Spanbauer

The kid to my left is Rodrigo. He is one of our investigators that will most likely get baptized soon.

Elder Moraga trying Subway for the very first time.

That`s right... I eat veggies now

Got to play soccer with my best buddy Elder Morales

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