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Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 90 Antofagasta

Nov 28, 2016

First off, Happy late Thanksgiving!!! I feel bad haha because I couldn’t even remember which day we celebrated Thanksgiving hahaha. It`s because nobody here celebrates it so I really just don’t even remember what days we celebrate things anymore hahaha. So this week was pretty awesome! Our investigator Lincon is going to get baptized on the 3rd of December... That`s if he passes his interview but I think he will. We actually played soccer again as a zone today but on a full sized field outside of the Antofagasta stadium and Lincon went! He really wants to get baptized this Saturday so please keep him in your prayers! Also, Rodrigo went to church yesterday so he can get baptized on the 3rd as well! We need to talk to him first to see if he wants to but he is pretty awesome. We have transfers this coming weekend and it’s possible that Elder Moraga leaves me:( Actually... It`s possible we both leave because President has been making a ton of changes. I would like to end my mission here but something tells me that might not happen.... Or maybe I will, guess I gotta wait and see:D Yesterday we had 5 investigators in church! It was cool because it was the very first time going for 3 of them. We found a new investigator named Nitzi and she is about 14 years old. She went with her friend yesterday so that was pretty awesome! Bishop let us borrow his truck again to go pick up all of our investigators. We did a small division with members to get the job done. It was super stressful because it came down to the wire... I got to the church as they were singing the opening hymn. Anyway, sorry this update is a little short but I don’t have that much time to write today. I will attach my weekly recordings though. Love you all!!! 

Elder Spanbauer

Ruth got baptized! (Investigator of the sister missionaries)

My district

Thanks for the Christmas package! I'm gonna get fat hahaha

Dog sleeping with his tongue hanging out!

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