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Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 87 Antofagasta

Nov 7, 2016

I got good news everyone! Alejandro has decided to get baptized!!!! Let’s start from the beginning... So Tuesday we visited Alejandro and he said he still wasn’t sure if he wanted to be baptized and that he had still not received his answer. We told him that he was ready and how we as missionaries a lot of times know when a person is ready or not. I told him that I knew he was ready and that sometimes the answers we search for can only be received after testing our faith. We left him with the invitation to read and then pray specifically for when his baptismal date should be. We scheduled another appointment for that Thursday to follow up with him. On Wednesday, we were working in our sector and I felt a very strong impression to go visit him even though we didn’t have a scheduled appointment. My companion at first said no... because we were going to visit him on Thursday but when I get impressions like that, I can’t ignore them or I go crazy and I begin to ask myself: What if? or What would have happened? I decided to follow the impression and we went to see him. He came outside a little confused asking if the appointment was for Wednesday or for Thursday. We told him we just wanted to pass by and see if his answer had arrived. He responded saying... "Next Saturday". My companion and I looked at each other a little puzzled and asked... "Next Saturday what?" He said... "Next Saturday I’m getting baptized!" I was seriously soooo happy hahaha. We had actually fasted with him so that he could recognize his answer and he not only got his answer, but got a job as well! The day he fasted, a member from our ward offered him a job! hahahaha The lord works fast:D That was probably the highlight of our week and just goes to show that the spirit truly does guide us in this work. Alejandro will be getting baptized this coming Saturday. Hay Bautismo! 

This week we have been working a lot in the poor sector of our area. (At the very top of the mountain) All the houses are made of ply-wood and everyone lives in poor living conditions. The people are more humble in this part of our sector so we like to work a lot there. We found two new families but the parents of both have to get married.... South America.... GET MARRIED PLEASE! We had 14 lessons with members present so that was good. Doesn’t beat the 21 we had a few weeks ago but before the average was about 5 so we are improving a lot. I have been teaching English classes every week at the church and I have about 10 students hahaha. It`s pretty fun. Anyway, that’s the update for now. OH!!! Remember one of my investigators named Alsides from when I was in the office??? He got baptized! Here are the photos! The guy that baptized him is one of the people I reactivated in that sector with Elder Morales that`s now going to serve a mission in Concepciòn, Chile! Seeing a lot of fruits Baby!!!

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