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Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 95 Antofagasta

Jan 2, 2017

Happy new year everyone! So this week was pretty good. We met most of our goals but no one went to church:( Part of the culture here in South-America is drinking and then drinking a little more to end the year... So you can probably guess what happened. We went to go pick up all of our investigators and most of them were hung-over and the rest were either still partying or dead asleep... Other than that, this week was pretty awesome! We have two investigators (Erika and Bismarck) that are going to get married this Friday and possibly baptized this Saturday! We have also been teaching an 18-year-old girl named Katy. She is super awesome but she feels that she is not totally ready to get baptized yet so we have to be a little patient with her. We have had a lot of support from the ward and I hope they don’t transfer me to another to end my mission. Also, Wilder and Lincon both went to church and didn’t drink on Sat. so it looks like we taught the word of wisdom good to both of them hahaha. At church in the gospel principles class, we talked about exaltation. After the class... Lincon approached me and told me he thinks he is ready to receive the priesthood! He wants to bless the sacrament hahaha. This Sunday I also had the opportunity to eat with the Zapata Family again. It is crazy to think how fast time has gone by. Just yesterday I was a "new missionary" and now I’ve got 22 months of experience. It´s totally true how when a missionary is ending his or her mission they feel that they finally understand how to work well... One has the tendency to ask "Why couldn’t I have arrived to the mission with all this knowledge?" I guess it’s part of life. Anyway, that`s the short update for now:) here are some photos!

Elder Spanbauer

My crazy district of sister missionaries!

Two of them finish their missions this month haha! R.I.P.

We went to set a date for their wedding! (Erika and Bismarck)

Our Mamita and Papito got back from vacation!

Our Mission had 116 Baptisms in Dec.!!!

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