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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 97 Copiapo

Jan 17, 2017

So I know you are all probably wondering why I didn’t write yesterday... It’s because I was transferred! I am now in Copiapo! My new companion is from California! His name is Elder Reedy. This week was super crazy because we were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday but everything fell through. The baptism was scheduled for 9:00pm but when we went to go pick up Joel... HE WASNT HOME! We called him and he said he wasn’t going to go... My heart sank when I heard that and I began to think the worst. He hung up and we couldn’t contact him again. The baptism was canceled. I was kind of let down and felt bad that night. We said a prayer as a companionship that night so that everything would work out. After church, we called him and he answered! He said he still wanted to be baptized! We told him that we were going to baptized him at 6pm on Sunday and he agreed! What a miracle! In the end he was baptized and everything turned out well. He will be confirmed next Sunday. It was cool that I could leave Antofagasta baptizing another person! I had to share my testimony in sacrament and I got to take pictures with the members. It was kind of sad because Origenes has been one of my favorite sectors. I spent my last few hours with the Solis family. They have been like my family and have fed me for the last 4 1/2 months. It was a good day. I am currently here in Copiapo. It’s hot and not a very pretty city but I’m happy. I’m ready to finish this last transfer strong. I am the district leader and this district is struggling a lot. so I´ve got to help them reach their goals. I’m excited for the challenge:D Like you said dad, we have the power to view things how we want to view them. That can be positive or negative. Everything is a mental game. When we can learn to control our mental capacities... that´s when we progress. I love you all and thank you for all the support:) Thanks for the videos of the baby hahaha. Don’t be basic.

Elder Spanbauer

Joel's Baptism

Bishop Anacona (white shirt) and his 1st counselor (suit)

Solis Family (My Chilean family)

My Papitos

Camille´s mother in law (Hermana Zapata)

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